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BUMP Protein

BUMP Protein

Do you really know what goes into your sports supplements and protein powders?

Before we went down the path of creating our own range of protein powders we wanted to make sure that the products we produced were completely natural without any unnecessary added ingredients commonly found in protein powders.   You may have heard about sports supplement companies substituting protein for amino acids or other ingredients because they are cheaper per kilogram to include, whether they knew this was happening or not.  So to make sure BUMP® was completely true to label and only included the bare minimum of ingredients we invested in our manufacturing equipment, facilities and supplier agreements to ensure that BUMP® Protein is the cleanest, most natural protein powder and supplement range on the market in Australia today.

We only use natural ingredients!

Why would you choose an artificially sweetened protein powder with artificial flavours when you can have a completely naturally flavoured protein from real food ingredients which is also an organically sweetened protein powder? BUMP® Protein only use the best, top-grade 100% natural ingredients and uses stevia, the only no calorie natural sweetener that is made from the tip of the leaf of the stevia plant… you can’t get any more natural than that!

We believe that protein should only have 3 components: Protein, Natural Flavouring, Natural Sweetener, and that’s exactly how we formulate our protein powders and what makes BUMP® Protein unique.

Try BUMP® Protein powders today and taste for yourself how natural, clean tasting protein powder should be!

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